Happy Easter!


Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend.  Nothing like a morning church service, maybe some brunch or an Easter egg hunt and some family time to end the weekend off right.

My family celebrates this day as it reminds us of the love that God has for each and every one of us.  The fact that God sent His Son to die on a cross for our sins is amazing.  There are several times that I’ve felt like I didn’t deserve the kindness and generosity people have shown me, but that pales in comparison to the gift God has given us!  Funny thing is, it would not mean as much if it weren’t for the fact that three days later Jesus Christ defeated death and rose again.

Don’t believe it?  Skeptical?  I don’t blame anyone who is, but the important thing to remember is that when you’re down and out or when you’re hurting and need help it’s always nice to talk with someone who’s been there.  Need to resurrect your life, career, relationships or finances?  Who better to talk to then the only one who’s ever kicked death in the teeth!

Short Week – Get Your WOD In!


CrossFit Redemption – CrossFit


Warm-Up 6 (No Measure)

3 Rounds (10 Min. Cap)

10 Cal Row

10 Back Squats (+ weight)

1 Rope Climb



Brevity (Time)

2 Rounds for time of:

5 Rope Climbs

10 Handstand Push-Ups

15 Back Squats (225/135)

20 Calorie Row

RX’D + from the ground/ no rack